As a company we are committed to preserving the cultural, atmosphere and economic stability of our community. 95% of our employees live within 5 miles of our facility, which is located on the main street in our community of 2,500 residents. We realize that every move we make affects our community, and our actions are an expression of this commitment as demonstrated by the following initiatives we have completed:
  • Replaced all of the lighting in our facility to the latest high efficiency fixture technology. This lighting reduces our electrical consumption for lighting by over 15%.
  • Implemented new procedures that now enables over 99.79% of our waste to be recycled, thus reducing the impact our business has on local landfills and the environment.
  • Incorporated Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principals to streamline and increase the efficiency of our operations.  As a result, we have reduced the overall waste produced by our facility by 30% over the last two years and reduced the energy consumption needed to operate our facility by 10% over the same period.
  • Launched initiatives for increased community involvement. Nekoosa Coated Products sponsors a number of community events and our employees volunteer on local non-profit boards, community development teams and other community events.  We have also launched a scholarship program to support our young community members in their quest for higher education.
  • We are committed to delivering resoponsible environmental improvements to our products, processes and facility, all of which make for a better community today and into the future.