Universities and schools are institutions that genuinely embrace all types of communication. Printed media continues to play a significant role in the communication process and is most often produced at an on-site print shop. The substrates provided by Nekoosa Coated Products provide new and exciting options to help keep the line of communication flowing, while also promoting the institution in a professional manner. Image is important, and having your students walk on campus to find a laminated or paper sign taped to a window with masking tape is not how you want to promote your image. It all begins at the registrar’s office with custom signage posting ‘first week of school’ business hours on ThermaTac, along with signage to help new students find their way around using SYNAPS XM or ThermaTac. Students then fill out their financial aid and registration forms printed on Nekoosa brand carbonless paper. Then head to the bookstore where signage promotes all the special sale items on ThermaTac. Printed custom school logo items are sold like bookmarks on Nekoosa Digital Coated, door hangers and parking passes on SYNAPS, bumper stickers or window signs on ThermaTac, and schools sports schedules on MagneCote. The next stop is the cafeteria where menus printed on Thermanent or SYNAPS are available and signage showing the ‘Specials for the Day’ along with instructional updates like ‘Place Empty Trays Here’ are printed on ThermaTac.  It does’t end there as custom signage keeps students informed throughout the school year on ThermaTac to be posted in the dormitory common areas and on windows. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity. 

How can our products be used at your school?
Carbonless: Application forms, financial aid waivers, emergency contact form, parking tickets, travel abroad consent forms
SYNAPS: student and faculty parking passes, library study room door hangers, campus gym membership cards, cafeteria menus, chemistry class instruction manuals, campus maps, book and magazine covers, door room key tags
ThermaTac: student and faculty parking stickers, AV department electronics labels, building hours window sticker, calendar counter mats, alma mater bumper stickers, book store shelving labels, business hour window stickers
MagneCote: sports schedule calendars, local pizza joints business card with rip-off coupon, dorm emergency phone number list, final exams schedule reminder, to-go menus