For the highest quality biometric prints available, forget messy, time-consuming ink methods. The Identifier™ system from Nekoosa is clean and easy thanks to proprietary technology that produces permanent images without ink, and therefore without the mess. This inkless solution cleanly transfers your fingerprint onto the paper without the smudged imprints that are so common with old-fashioned ink systems.
The simple, two-step process consistently yields high-quality prints that are ideal for scanning or use directly on finished forms.  This product is also widely used in hospital birthing centers. Just clean the baby’s foot, moisten it with an Identifier disposable towelette, and press it to an identification form. The special coating on the form produces a crisp permanent image almost immediately while the baby’s foot stays clean and dry.  There is no mess and no added steps to clean the baby’s foot with chemicals after the print is taken.
Nekoosa's Identifier system is recognized as a superior biometric identification system. No wonder more than 150 hospitals use Identifier every day for standard or custom birth certificates and announcements. This product is also supported by the AFCA (American Football Coaches Association) and distributed by the National Child Identification Program whereby over five million of America’s youth have been fingerprinted using the Identifier system. To learn more, check out

What's New?

Nekoosa Coated Products' Identifier Fingerprinting Materials Included in Child Identification Kits to be Distributed by the Green Bay Packers