Randy Boudouris: The Man Behind MagneCote

Randy’s story is summed up in three short words: stick to it! Randy Boudouris is the CEO of MAGNETNotes
® Ltd. and the inventor of MagneCote®, the world's first magnetic paper.

In 1998 Randy left his sales position after a dispute over one of his inventions, and a few days later suffered a heart attack. He knew he had to turn these negative situations into positive solutions and chose to move forward with this passion…inventing a magnetic paper. He sold most of his possessions, worked nights delivering pizzas, and spent his days researching and experimenting.

When Randy presented his idea to the magnetics industry, he was told there was not a market for this type of magnet. "I was discouraged by the negative feedback, but I felt strongly about my idea and the need for this product in the marketplace," said Boudouris.

He stuck with his instincts and kept moving forward. His persistence paid off in 2001 when during a trade show, Randy met a coating expert who believed in his idea and wanted to help him develop his product further. After multiple trials, Randy perfected a new technology to make paper-thin magnets extruded directly onto paper.
MAGNETNotes® Ltd. was then established in 2003.
Randy adds, "I stuck with my idea and never gave up. MagneCote® is a unique product with a coating technology that differentiates it from other magnets. It is exciting to see the ways people use the product."

Millions of magnets are produced each year using Randy's innovative technology.