Auxiliary Carbonless Products

Fan-out Padding Adhesive
Completing the job
Some jobs are not complete until multi-part form sets are padded. Nekoosa Fan-Out Padding Adhesive is:
  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Fast-drying 
  • Able to handle crash imprinting, post perforating, tag, and ledger stock forms 
  • Available in quart and gallon containers 
How it works
Our carbonless paper is made so that the front of each CB sheet and the back of each CF sheet will not accept adhesive. The adhesive adheres to normal paper surfaces, but is repelled between each of the form sets. To use:
  • Apply adhesive to the forms with a brush
  • After 30 minutes, fan the stack from the corners
  • The stack will automatically separate into padded forms
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)- Fan Out Padding Adhesive

Padding Carbonless Forms


Nekoosa Mag Pad Magnetic Cutter Clamp Pad
Guillotine delicate papers with care
Sensitive and delicate paper stocks can be damaged during the cutting process. The Nekoosa Mag Pad™ Magnetic Cutter Clamp Pad provides a cushion between the cutter clamp and your delicate papers. Our system:

  • Can be used on any cutter
  • Comes in 3-inch by 15-inch strips that can be trimmed to fit your needs
  • Needs no tools, adhesives, or clean-up
  • Eliminates the need for loose sponge pads or costly chipboards. A magnetic rubber surface holds the paper securely in position, while the Scotchfoam™ pad absorbs the clamp's impact on the paper, preventing the pressure and sharp edges of the clamp from damaging the stock.