Nekoosa Coated Products has a 50 year legacy and strong commitment to innovation. No one comes close to matching our pioneering spirit and track record of ‘firsts’ and ‘bests’ in the carbonless paper market. Nekoosa Coated Products’ branded carbonless paper is perfect for printing small or large runs of multipart forms, because we are the only carbonless paper manufacturer to offer three products specifically engineered for your preferred printing platform; U20, Universal and Digital carbonless. Expect reliable runnability, vibrant colorful sheets, dark permanent images that transfer through multiple plies and guaranteed performance when you chose to print Nekoosa Coated Products’ branded carbonless paper.
  • All Nekoosa Coated Products' carbonless papers are made with the thickest, stiffest sheets to ensure consistent and dependable feeding through your printer.
  • We invented the first fan apart padding adhesive system in 1967 (3M) that is still in use today as an industry standard for the binding of carbonless paper into multipart form sets. Our fan apart padding adhesive system is fool proof and the most reliable on the market.
  • Each of our carbonless paper' base stocks are sourced from sustainably managed forests and carry SFI® environmental certification.
  • It always pays to run Nekoosa carbonless! We offer the most rewarding customer loyalty program in the industry. Start collecting Nekoosa Bucks' in specially marked cartons of Nekoosa Coated Products' carbonless papers.
U20 Carbonless: The only carbonless brand specifically engineered for offset printing, U20 heavyweight carbonless paper leads the market in runnability, appearance, imaging and sustainability. Also certified by the Rochester Institute of Technology for HP Indigo® digital presses.

Universal Carbonless: Universal carbonless paper was carefully designed to be a true multi-print platform carbonless sheet for long run offset printing, quick turnaround digital copier printing and color or black-and-white laser printers, where high pressure and high temperatures are present.

Digital Carbonless: 30 years ago, we created the first carbonless sheet for digital printers. Today we’ve used that same knowledge to create a sheet designed for the broadest range of dry toner based printing platforms. Whether a small office printer or a large production commercial printer, Digital Carbonless paper will run smoothly without contaminating your photo receptor belts or fuser rollers even at higher run lengths.

Although paperless record keeping is becoming increasingly popular, paper is still a viable and sustainable option across all industries. Use carbonless paper for packing slips, parking tickets, expense reports, insurance forms, medical reports, application forms, purchase order forms and receipts.